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Hunting in the best areas of New Hampshire

Our hunting is done mostly in wildlife management units, A, B, C2, and E. The moose hunts are done by lottery. They run for 9 days if needed and include the care of your animal after it is harvested, lodging, and meals at the base camp. 

Our deer hunts are stands or blinds in active area where deer travel. The care of your animal after it is harvested is included in the deer-hunting package. Lodging and meals can be provided for an extra fee.

The bear hunts are over bait, mostly from ground blinds, but we also have stand. All sites are active sites. We are in prime bear country for these hunts; the dense forests, dark hemlocks, beech trees and berries make an excellent environment to easily find bears. More times than not they come in on the bait without a sound, a watchful eye and little or no movement are key to a successful hunt!

Contact Steve for prime hunting trips.